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We take mugs pretty seriously. So seriously in fact, that we tested and researched hundreds (omg!) of mugs in a bid to find one that ticked all our boxes. When we didn’t find one that did everything it should have, we made ourselves the perfect mug (and we’re quite happy to blow our own trumpet on this wunderkind mug creation). We have the shortened top 10 list on our FAQ page, but here is our definitive list of what makes the Qtique mug pretty darn good: 

  • It’s made from the finest quality Creamware, our favourite kind of clay (we source ours from Devon and Cornwall). Creamware is a warm, cream coloured refined earthenware that is solid, sturdy and cosy. This makes our mugs thick and pleasant to touch, helping to retain the heat of the beverage (and not burn your fingers).
  • It is super durable – it’s resilient to use (clumsy folk included) and it's safe to go in the dishwasher and microwave.
  • It’s got a large, comfy handle so even larger hands can get all their fingers around and through. There's also a place to rest your thumb (thumb placement is essential for all those lost, wandering thumbs).
  • It’s a decent size, holding approximately 350ml of the good stuff – not too small, not too big.
  • It has a broad, sturdy base so it is extra stable and doesn't easily topple over.
  • It is wider at the rim than at the base, this is essential for good mug hugging as it fits right into your hands.
  • It’s gender neutral – not too girly, not too manly. Gender equality in mugs has been long overdue.
  • It has an extra lip before the base to help catch any dribbles, it’s kind of like a built in saucer.
  • Our mugs are personal to their owner. All of our designs say something about the person they belong to.
  • They are decorated expertly by hand using ceramic silk screen transfers, and then fired in the kiln to a very high temperature. This makes the artwork fuse to the glaze, which ensures it doesn’t fade with use.
  • It’s a timeless design. We took inspiration from traditional antique pottery and made it fresh and practical.
  • It’s authentic and original – we designed every little detail that embodies this wonderfully wholesome mug.
  • It’s made, decorated and finished by hand by potters in Stoke-on-Trent, England. Not only does this champion and support homegrown manufacturing (something that we are very proud of), the traditional craftsmanship used makes our mugs the best possible quality. They are truly hardwearing and long lasting.
  • Every mug is quality checked to a very high standard by one of us at our factories and studios before it gets sent out to you. We would never send out a mug that was not exactly as it should be.

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Qtique Studios
Qtique Studios


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