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I was thinking of buying the Biscuiteers biscuits tins as gifts for hungry loved ones this Christmas, but having only ever gazed adoringly at their boutique in Notting Hill and never actually stepping foot inside, I thought it would be best to test one of these little beauties out first.
Naughty yummy treat: Ginger Santa.
From: Biscuiteers.
Price: £6.00 (£2.95 for 2 day delivery).
Portion size: Good sized gingerbread man.
Sickliness: Nope, I could eat a tin and still eat more.
Moistness: Not moist as it is a biscuit, it’s supposed to be all about that snap – although I really do enjoy the moist gingerbread we make at home (we most definitely make it wrong).  
Rating: 4/5.
Notes: Having a Biscuiteers biscuit is a bit of an experience. Firstly, the packaging is just wonderful. The biscuit comes in it’s own white paper box, and like the boutique storefront, it is covered with delightful black line illustrations (obviously right up my street). Ginger Santa is wrapped up so perfectly (and safely – I ordered online and he arrived impeccably intact) – honestly A* for presentation. Secondly, the decorations on the gingerbread are done so beautifully, he’s very charming. Just look at him! Thirdly, when it came to eating Santa, I did feel a pang of guilt as he really is too handsome to destroy, however, in the name of research I devoured him and all in all he is a good solid gingerbread biscuit. Good amount of ginger, biscuit was not too dry, icing was decent (although I’d like to try the ones covered top to toe in sugar).
These biscuits really do make amazing gifts, another much better alternative than the usual rubbish we give to each other. I know for sure that if any of the Biscuiteers biscuits turned up on my desk I would be immediately chirpier. Check out their biscuit cards and all the different themed tins (more biscuit for your money, themes from New Baby to Weddings to Get Well). You can also go to their School of Icing and learn how to do it yourself – gosh, I just love it all!
I'd really like to see if you’ve made any gingerbread goodies yet, tag me @qtiquestudios and #fatfriday with your creations.

K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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