#fatfriday review / Fleur De Sel Caramel Marshmallows @ Barú

Gosh, what a busy January it is proving to be so far! I’ve been stuck to my laptop, and my daily treats have been on the decline. Between Lottie’s walks/runs and working, I’ve had little time for treat finding and it has taken an unwilling back seat. My poor brain needs that unnecessary sugar! I’ve had to search for a different kind of naughty yummy treat for my desk, one that doesn’t create crumb spillage and has a nice long promised time of optimum goodness.
Naughty yummy treat: Fleur De Sel Caramel Marshmallows (sort of translates to Sea Salt Caramel Marshmallows).
From: Barú at Waitrose.
Price: £2.99 for 4 pieces.
Portion size: small I suppose, it won’t fill you up or anything (but I don’t think that’s the point).
Sickliness: it’s more rich than sickly.
Moistness: tis perfectly fluffy.
Rating: 4/5
Notes: These are marshmallows for grown ups. Made from premium ingredients (none of the funny stuff) and packaged delightfully in individual wrappers (I presume this is so you are more likely to share – I did not share). They are covered in a dark chocolate shell, which for someone like me who prefers ze choc to be a tad milkier, is a little bitter. However, if you take a proper bite through the middle and get some of the salted caramel, that salty sweetness mixed with crunchy dark chocolate layer and the fluffy marshmallow balances wonderfully. They are truly decadent, a lovely light treat. The urge to dunk it in my tea was too great, and it got dunked, and it was marvellous (and messy).
I hope you are getting used to these horrible early starts again, I am very grateful for my big cup of morning caffeine at the moment. Most people seem to be in the detoxing spirit (I take my hat off to you), so I’m not really sure anyone has any #fatfriday goodies to share around. If I’m not alone in being a beast, join my club @qtiquestudios.
K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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