#fatfriday review / Organic Clotted Cream Shortbread @ Highgrove

After naughty Lottie dug her way through the shredded paper in our Fortnum & Mason hamper for the fourteenth time (for Lottie, it is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving), she helpfully uncovered a tube of shortbread’s that had accidently been left behind. They’ve since been sitting high on my desk waiting in anticipation for a worthy #fatfriday. Considering how awfully cold it is, shortbread and tea sounded perfect for elevenses this morning.
Naughty yummy treat: Organic Clotted Cream Shortbread.
From: Highgrove at Fortnum & Mason (only just discovered that Highgrove is Prince Charles’ home and is part of The Prince’s Charities. It is actually in Tetbury, the most beautiful village below me! This shortbread has done some unnecessary mileage.).
Price: £4.95.
Portion size: it’s a whole tub! I’m in heaven!
Sickliness: it’s rich and buttery (but not greasy).
Moistness: although it shouldn’t be damp or wet at all, it’s not dry either.
Rating: 4.5/5
Notes: The humble shortbread has strong claim to the title of greatest British biscuit, and most definitely is one of the best tea accompaniments – it just gets even better when plonked in a cuppa. These scrumptious Highgrove one’s are really very good. It is slightly crisp to bite, but then has a gorgeous melt in the mouth texture. It’s pure crumbly, buttery light goodness. I honestly cannot stop eating them.
I’d love to see your #fatfriday naughty yummy treats, holla at me @qtiquestudios. 

K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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