I have been obsessed with Harry Potter ever since I read the first book when I was 10. It’s hard to put into words in an intellectual manner how much I love it all, even now the magic has not waned on me, nor do I think it ever will.
As a child, I really disliked secondary school, where it was a sin not to be popular (I was not remotely popular) and I became excruciatingly shy. Reading Harry Potter weirdly gave me hope. I was able to connect with many of the characters and themes, I felt part of a magical world that seemed very real. Other kids tried smoking, kissed boys and other hideous stuff, and I read about Harry, Ron and Hermione. If you’re not into HP, this will all sound really very sad, and in truth it probably is, but whatevs, haters gonna hate. 
At Christmas, I nearly passed out with excitement when the chap surprised me with tickets to finally go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour (I had been meaning to go for years). He “accidently” did not book himself to go (not a HP fan), but instead my fellow Hazza P enthusiast baby brother, who came along with me last week.
After reading and watching the books and films countless times, it was so exciting to be immersed into how it was all brought to life. I was actually inside the story I had only ever escaped to in my head. Also as a creative, going behind the scenes and learning how they made everything was fascinating, the detail and skill it took to create these films is astonishing. I can only imagine how wonderful it must have been to be a part of.
Standing in the sets was amazing, I honestly felt like an overwhelmed toddler. It is the real deal – it’s the actual sets in the actual place where all eight films were shot. Notable favourites were Dumbledore’s office, the Potions classroom, Diagon Alley, Ollivanders wand shop and the smaller scale version of Hogwarts. When we were there, they also had some of the animals that had appeared in the film – we managed to see Hargrid’s pooch Fang, Ron’s rat Scabbers and Harry’s owl Hedwig. It was hard to capture the magic of it in photographs, but below is a little snippet of the tour.
Fellow forever Potter fans, if you have not gone yet I strongly recommend you book yourself some tickets. You will not be disappointed. It truly was one of the best days, topped off with a new Gryffindor blanket and mug I picked up from the marvelous gift shop to add to my prized HP treasure.

K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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