#fatfriday review / Ginger Crunch @ Beau’s Bakehouse in Gloucester Services

I was struggling to find something worthy of a #fatfriday review, and although I am surrounded by an abundance of very naughty yummy treats (namely tubs of Nutella – I am definitely going through one of my Nutella phases at the moment), I wanted to try something new and hadn’t found whatever it was I was looking for. That was until my Ma and I made a quick stop at Gloucester Services (sounds crap, but it’s not – recommended on Countryfile to a friend watching who in turn planned a visit to these services from Cambridge via me).
Gloucester Services is kind of like if Whole Foods did motorway service stations, buried into a hill like a modern hobbits pit stop. It’s part of a family run business who make these super wonderful service stations dotted around the UK that supply the finest locally crafted products. From speciality cheese to proper pies and sausage rolls, freshly picked vegetables to a local butcher, handmade fudge to local pottery, and even the best breads from Hobb’s House (always a winner). It was quite a revelation actually, not seeing any of the global fast food or coffee chains but instead being able to buy something that is fresh, and well, decent, *and* supports the area you are driving through. There’s a farmshop and a kitchen/café where you can get food to go, or sit down and eat something homemade. It really is beautifully done, completely worth a visit.
Anyway, whilst browsing the farm shop, these Ginger Crunch slices caught my eye. They were nestled in between lots of goodies made by Beau’s Bakehouse (the brownies and the chocolate fudge cake did look really very good too). They’re made in Frampton-on-Severn (near Stroud), which is in fact very local to me.
Naughty yummy treat: Ginger Crunch.
Price: £2.95 for four slices.
Portion size: Good.
Sickliness: Very sweet, but not sickly (I’ve eaten 3 in the last hour and I do not feel ill).
Moistness: Wonderful.
Rating: 5/5
Notes: Oh my gosh these are heavenly. The base is a crumbly, moist yet crispy ginger biscuit type thing, covered with glorious ginger fudge icing and further topped with crystallised ginger. They are like a supreme version of gingerbread, literally melting in my mouth. I am even drooling whilst writing this thinking about them. Mmm hmm. It’s days like this I am proud to eat excessive amounts of sugar.
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K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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