#fatfriday review / Almond Pain au Chocolat @ The Bertinet Bakery

If you’re familiar with Bath, you will have probably heard of The Bertinet Bakery. They make the yummiest French goodies, from award winning Sourdough Bread to the scrummiest Sausage Rolls, and most importantly, the most wonderful Almond Croissants I have ever tasted. I’ve never really been a croissant person, like ever, but after my parents brought a few of Bertinet’s pastries back to the house a few months ago, I am now a croissant convert. I’m actually a bit obsessed. I’ve even made the trip to Bath just to go and buy some more (with a pleased chap and unimpressed pooch in tow), so when I saw the legendary Almond Croissant *and* the Almond Pain au Chocolat in Gloucester Services, I squealed like the piglet that I am, grabbed them and rushed home to eat them all.
Naughty yummy treat: Almond Pain au Chocolat.
Price: £2.50 (at Gloucester Services). You can also buy them online from their kitchen in a batch of 6 here.
Portion size: Large.
Sickliness: Not greasy buttery, but I couldn’t eat more than one an hour.
Moistness: Good.
Rating: 5/5
Notes: The Almond Pain Au Chocolat is basically the chocolate upgrade of the legendary Almond Croissant, which is *amazing* itself (buy both, you won’t regret it). It’s made up of a flaky croissant dough, with yummy almond paste and chocolate filling inside, with a party of sliced almonds on top. The almond paste is just delicious, I could eat it by the tub, and the added chocolate is so very welcome – it just makes it all that much naughtier and even more delicious. I’m a happy little piglet.
You can even learn to make all the goodies that Bertinet sells at their bakery school, check out the classes here.
How’s your #fatfriday?

K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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