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Scones are truly one of my favourite creations ever. They are my go to naughty yummy quintessential treat when meeting friends for tea. I really struggle finding good scones to eat at home as they always end up being dry, and just quite dull in all honesty. It’s hard to pretend that the shop bought stale dumpling you’ve taken out the packet is as wonderful as having a soft, freshly baked one presented to you in all its pomp. So, after truly giving up on scones at home, I was most intrigued when the Sconnoisseureurs wanted to send me a gift box to try for #fatfriday.
Sconnoisseur makes artisan luxury scones that are delivered to your front door. It’s kind of like treating someone to a fancy afternoon tea but in the luxury of their own home (or desk, or wherever you want really). My scones arrived beautifully packaged with the postman this morning and in surprisingly tiptop condition ready to be devoured.
Naughty yummy treat: Rose Water Scones and Traditional Fruit Scones.
From: Sconnoisseur.
Price: £19.99 for a gift box of four.
Portion size: Just right.
Sickliness: Two was enough in one go, happily saving the other two for tomorrow.
Moistness: Good.
Rating: 4.5/5
Notes: Opening my scone box up was rather exciting, it felt a bit like it was my birthday (it’s not) and it is full of everything I needed to have the perfect afternoon tea at home (albeit in the morning - I couldn’t wait). There are two of each flavour of the scones that I had picked, two pots of Mrs. Bridges Scottish Raspberry Jam, Royal English Tea Blend pyramids and a pot of clotted cream.
As it is rainy, wet and miserable, I decided to go all out and popped one of each in the oven for seven minutes to warm up. I smothered them in butter (sorry clotted cream) and jam, and they both tasted really very good. The Traditional Fruit Scone is delicious and I think having it in the oven helped it make it even more moist and dense.
The Rose Water Scone is on another level of greatness though, I am surprised to have fallen so in love with it. I was a bit dubious about trying a more exotic scone as I’ve only ever been a plain or raison type of girl, but the mouth-wateringly gorgeous smell as it came out of the oven was so irresistible. It tastes incredible and I now will forever fly the flag for these divine rose water goodies.
The Sconnoisseur Gift Box is definitely a worthy gift to send to a loved one. It’s such a lovely treat to be able to have at home and I really enjoyed the experience of being able to enjoy a proper scone with my favourite mug.
K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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