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I’ve slowly and surely been exploring my hood in the only way I know how – food. I’ve put together a shortlist of well-recommended places within a mile of our apartment, then pinpoint the day's chosen one on Google maps and take a wander around. The first place I found that seems to be quite the popular little place in Boston is Flour Bakery. I was actually enticed in by their grilled sandwiches, and had the best time devouring a grilled portobello mushroom and pesto wonder. They also have this huge array of sweet goodies, which as an indecisive human, made my sugar and fat fix decision time frantic and panicky. There were these gorgeous looking Sticky Buns that had been highly recommended (according to the internet), and Apple Snacking Spice Cake that is now clocked in as my next victim. As default, and after passing a panicked 3 second cookie analysis, I ordered two of their cookies and scurried home.
Naughty yummy treat: TCHO Chocolate Chip Cookie.
From: Flour Bakery.
Price: $1.95 per cookie.
Portion size: Thin but good.
Sickliness: Felt a little queasy after two.
Moistness: No dryness.
Rating: 4/5
Notes: This is a grown up chocolate chip cookie. It has two kinds of TCHO chopped chocolate in it, which makes it a little richer and less easy to gobble at great speed. Each bite was a surprise of either sweet milk chocolate or deep semisweet chocolate. It’s a flatter cookie than what I am used to, with golden brown edges and a chewy soft centre. Generally, I am not a fan of a crispier around the edge cookie, but it actually gave it an extra flavour and I could really taste the yummy brown sugar in it. Nom. I did actually buy one for the chap, but accidently ate his after “forgetting” to photograph the first one. I did have to take a 10 minute sickly timeout (wearing the cone of greedy shame) due to the richness that the darker chocolate provides, which apparently is “karma” or something.
K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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