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I’ve been working on a rather exciting project with my kindred spirit Lauren Aston. I can’t quite reveal yet exactly what we are up to, but what I can tell you is that it is all about celebrating the makers and sellers who we think everyone should know about, especially those who care about making their products in England.
We’ve both met so many wonderful people on our new journey of being small business owners (including each other!) who we’re always most enthusiastically telling everyone about. We just love finding and raving about the lovely things we find to fill our homes with. When I stumbled across Lauren’s knits, I was *so* happy to have finally found the chunky knit throw of my dreams that I had searched over a year for (I'm pretty dedicated). I had spent far too many hours trawling Google and emailing random knitters to see if they could knit me this giant wool beast (with quotes that made me wince and cry), that I had lost all hope. Then one day Lauren just randomly popped up in my Twitter feed and alas! I had found the maker of the best woolly goods I had ever saw. Even better, it turned our Lauren had a similar love for mugs, and we haven’t looked back.
Lauren and I got thinking about how hard it is to get your products out there. We know first hand the struggles for new businesses and wondered if there was anyway we could help others like how we have helped each other. I had only found Lauren’s knits because I randomly delved into my Twitter feed, which I never do, and if I hadn’t happened to have checked it right there and then, I’d still be lost in the unknown world of throws and having nightmares about quotes. We thought there must be a more logical way of finding new designers than either a) by chance, or b) scrolling through 78 pages of search results. You have a good idea, you have a great product, there are people out there somewhere that would love to buy your product, but all the platforms that help give you a voice are so saturated that you end up just being another small fish in another big pond. So, after a teeny explosion of ideas, we thought we could be the voices of something new. We want to help share, support and build a community of quality handmade creators and makers who all have the same mission to make all our little homes more beautiful.
So although this is still hush hush, and given we still have approximately 1,823 things left to do, I couldn’t keep it a complete secret and can’t wait for the big reveal in the next few months…
K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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