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I’m not really getting on top of the American vs. English language thing too well. It’s just the small stuff, and I’m possibly (likely) just being a complete tool, but I really like my spelling and grammar, and my brain is facing many a dilemma recently. You’ll have to try and understand I am using American lingo where necessary (I don’t think I’m at liberty to start changing names of branded goods), and my English confusion will likely follow after. Today’s #fatfriday is filled to the brim with this.
Anyway, moving on, after last week’s cookie dilemma (of eating all the cookies and not sharing, and having to wear the cone of greedy shame), I decided to face my self-control issues head on. So instead of buying just one of each (one for me, one for the chap), I bought four doughnuts to make sure we wouldn’t run out. Although this was met with “this is not portion control Katrina”, I think it is safe to say we both most enjoyed gobbling down the slightly above daily recommended amounts of fat and sugar.
Naughty yummy treat: Honey Dipped Donut; Jelly Donut; Cinnamon Donut.
Price: $3.25 per doughnut.
Portion size: Big and proper sized.
Sickliness: Surprisingly none.
Moistness: Wonderfully so.
Rating: 4.5/5
Notes: These are the second batch of doughnuts I have tried in Boston and they have definitely shot to the top over Dunkin' Donuts (I’m still yet to get a batch from Krispy Crème). These are bigger, fresher and far more flavoursome. My absolute favourite is the Honey Dipped Donut, which although didn’t taste like honey (am I missing something?!), is a symbol of glazed doughnut wonder. It is light, simple and sweet and my belly loved it. The Jelly Donut is yummy too, and this “jelly” is more jam like than the Dunkin' version, which I think was more like actual jelly (so confusing).
The Cinnamon Donut is surprisingly completely different from the others. It has a denser texture, which is far doughier and heavier compared to the lightness of the others – it’s actually almost more like a thick, moist cakey bread than it is a doughnut. Also, oddly, although it looks and smells like cinnamon, it tastes like nutmeg?! Is cinnamon actually nutmeg here? What is going on?! *Brain pains*. Don’t get me wrong, unexpected or not, my belly again enjoyed it regardless, and out of them all, it is the most suited of all three to having with my cuppa.
K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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