The Dribble Catcher

The Qtique mug shape is quite unique from other mugs. It has had a few practical features built into it to make those small but annoying mug problems a thing of the past. You may or may not have noticed, but on our mugs there is a lip at the tapered in point towards the bottom. This isn’t just a random line I thought I’d pop on for good measure (it does look rather pretty), this little line actually serves quite the important purpose. It's called The Dribble Catcher.
It would appear that even as adults, we are quite sloppy when it comes to drinking our brews, leavings trails of drip stained destruction in our paths. Everywhere there are pesky criminal mugs that are staining tables, desks, sofas, and even beds with their obtrusive artwork. The sleepier we are, the more troublesome the mugs become by taking full advantage of our dribbles, and are free to decorate anything it has touched a rather unsightly shade of brown. I’ve been to investigate many a dribble stained crime scene, and put together extensive mug suspect lineups to get to the bottom of this terrible and unnecessary problem.
When it came to creating my very own mug, this was one of the issues I placed high on my list of solving. By identifying why these mugs felt the need paint illicitly on every surface, I was able to figure out a way to finally stop them. All these poor mugs actually stood no chance of being good citizens of the ceramic world because they had not been designed to do so. They had a hot brew inside they wanted to be creative with, they just didn’t know they could do so any other way. I needed to catch the escaping dribble before it caused any trouble without having the hassle of a saucer (mug trials have shown the mugs to be too inpatient and disregarding of saucers). By limiting dribble decorations to stay on the mug only, I could turn brew vandalism into brew art. Instead of attaching a ghastly grown up bib, I wanted to design something that was uniform and seamless with the mug. Initially, I came up with some rather “unique” (visually challenging) ideas, but when I tried out just a simple ridged mini shelf, I knew I was onto a winner.
The way in which this ridge works is simply that it stops and catches the dribble in its path, it’s kind of like a built in saucer. As the dribble slowly trails down, the lip halts it on its journey and lets it sit there. Whilst the dribble sets up home, the lip is cunningly using the heat of the brew inside the mug to evaporate the remaining liquid off. So instead of the potentially blemishing dribbles running wild, a dried brewstain is left behind and drinkers are free to keep on sipping without a worry in the world. The mugs are happy with their new feature, and we are happy with our rightfully clean surfaces.
So whilst I can’t promise that the mug can magically catch those capsizing mug spills onto your computer (gosh wouldn’t that be amazing!), The Dribble Catcher can certainly help those long days when brew dribbles should be the least of your troubles.
Happy sipping and slurping to one and all!
K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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