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Where are all the cake pops?! I thought the U.S. was Land of the Cake Pops (that’s certainly how it was sold to me) and I’m really struggling to find any independent cake pop shops in central Boston for me to visit. I guess I will probably have to stretch a little further than the comfortable three mile bubble I have been living in. Sigh. Anyway, good old Starbucks happened to have gotten on the c-pop waggon a while ago and I was able to pick a couple up. My obvious choice would normally be vanilla sponge as I find they are the easiest pops to eat in high volume quantities, however they decided to coat the entire thing in white chocolate which is totally not going to work for me. So instead, I opted for these two.
Naughty yummy treat: Chocolate Cake Pop and Salted Caramel Cake Pop.
From: Starbucks.
Price: $1.75 each or $2.95 for two.
Portion size: Teeny (it’s a lollipop!).
Sickliness: High levels.
Moistness: Super moist.
Rating: 4/5
Notes: For such little nuggets, the Starbucks Cake Pops are pretty intense. They are packed full with the moistest sweetest cake dough and covered with chocolate, almost like a cake truffle like actually. The Chocolate is winning as my favourite as it is like a really gooey chocolate fudge cake in a bite sized ball. It’s simple and yummy.
The Salted Caramel is slightly more complex. The cake is chocolaty/caramely/coffeey (couldn’t tell which), and is dense and almost overly sweet. It has little kicks of sea salty sweetness on the hat of white chocolate, but it definitely is lacking good amounts of salted caramel sauce which has been replaced with more of just general salted caramel flavour. It’s basically a solid form of Starbuck’s Salted Caramel Mocha.
All in all, they are both decent cake pops packed full of flavour, but one is definitely enough to give you that sweet tooth fix.
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Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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