#fatfriday review / Supreme Cinnamon Babka @ Lilly’s in Whole Foods

Oh babka, where have you been all my life? Before today’s #fatfriday, I was just a cinnamon loving fool who had never eaten the true cinnamon superfan’s dream that is a loaf of babka. For any of you who are uninitiated and who too have been living half a cinnamon life, I introduce to you the babka – the Jewish yeast bread/pastry/cake. Babka was born in Eastern Europe, but for me it’s the traditional Jewish fillings of either cinnamon or chocolate that are the most exciting. Babka is a long length of dough swirled with layers of yummy filling that is baked in a loaf pan, and it tastes divine.
Apparently New York has got gourmet babkas covered, with high recommendations for Green’s and Zabar’s. But before I had even begun my lengthy research into babkas, I was just bumbling along in the Whole Foods bakery corner, taking my usual painful 10-15 minutes critiquing everything on offer, until I found this mighty squidgy loaf sitting unassumingly under a table and thought he looked too good to leave there. I had no idea that this random loaf would be a game changer.
Naughty yummy treat: Supreme Cinnamon Babka.
Price: $6.99.
Portion size: Enough loaf for a few days.
Sickliness: None, but satisfied with a slice (severe self restraint imposed to not eat the entire loaf).
Moistness: Surprisingly so.
Rating: 5/5
Notes: Incredible. Just so so good. It is like a croissant, a brioche *and* a cinnamon bun had a baby (crikey) and out popped this babka. It is cakey, dense, soft and moist (I honestly was not expecting it to be moist, it certainly does not give off the moist vibe from the outside), with the most wonderful amount of cinnamon veined in between the flaky layers. Oh the layers, how magnificent they are. Tearing each layer apart and dropping it into my mouth between sipping my tea has to be one of the most delightfully decadent naughty yummy treat times I have ever experienced. I’ve also just read that you can heat it up and put butter on it. Zomg. I’m going to be filling my suitcase up with both the cinnamon and chocolate versions to take back to England in a couple of weeks and change my brother’s lives.
K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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