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We’re finally going to have a car to drive (or twenty – thanks Zipcar), which hopefully will encourage both the chap and I to explore Boston a little further afield. We tried the use the subway 3 times, and gave up due to the lack of similarities with our beloved London tube. We’re kind of infuriating like that :) . I have nearly covered nearly all worthy naughty yummy treat locations within walking distance of our hermit cave and it’s about time I found more sugar and fat combos for us to gobble up. So, until we actually get in a car, I still had Crumbs Bake Shop to tick off my list. I have been a little dubious about visiting Crumbs due to my standard pre-visit Google/stalk that gave mixed reviews and a whole lot of confusion about whether they were still good now that they have reopened. Anyway, food is food, and the best way to know if something is worthy is by gobbling it up yourself.
Naughty yummy treat: Chocolate Cookie Dough Brownie.
Price: $3.99.
Portion size: Pretty ginormous.
Sickliness: I couldn’t finish it in one sitting.
Moistness: Unexpectedly moist.
Rating: 4/5
Notes: I was a bit sceptical about my picking as the brownie looked rather cooked through from the outside, and because the whole thing is baked as a whole on its own (meaning no freshness and gooeyness checking is possible), I was left to trust the guy that was serving me who had assured me that this brownie was indeed a gooden. Hmm. So, I took a leap of faith, scurried back into the hermit cave and took a bite.
The outside of the brownie is thinly crunchy and crispy (in a good way – hurrah!) and then inside it is pure sweet fudgy goodness. It’s also pretty damn big, and I totally struggled eating it all in one sitting, instead opting for a 15 minute time out to complete the demolition. The icing on top is cookie dough mixed with cream cheese frosting (this also slightly terrified me as I’m not the biggest fan of cream cheese frosting, the concept just baffles me slightly), which pleasantly tasted like blended cookies and sugar and total yumminess. Altogether, it is so so sweet, and is more of a big kid brownie rather than a more refined grown up brownie. But whatevs, I love nothing more than eating sugar till it hurts. The only thing that let it down is the mini cookie on top that didn’t really do anything, it’s kind of dry and would have been much more appreciated if it was just a dollop of its pre-baked doughy self.
K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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