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I’m somewhat of a Cookie Monster. My eating habits and limited vocabulary are quite similar to that of the blue fluffy legends, and I truly admire his relentless pursuit of any noble cookie. So much so, that I will not buy a cookie unless it has been cooked to near-perfection.
I have managed to irritate many cookie bakers with my first class cookie baking knowledge. So far, I have only found two cookie makers that do the mighty cookie some true justice – Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference and Ben’s Cookies. However, they are not immune from my scrutiny. I’m that person that checks every bag in Sainsbury’s, then tuts for all (no one) to hear when they have been overcooked into form some kind of hideous frisbee. I also am that helpful person at the front of the Ben’s Cookie queue asking the bakers if they have any less cooked ones cooling down on a tray as the ones they have presented to me are simply burnt and will not do. If the cookie is not up to scratch, I will not buy it. No cookie consumption should be inadequate.
But by gosh, when these guys get it right, there is nothing better. Ben’s Cookies are truly the Supreme Leader of Cookies. When they cook them to perfection (which is when they are fresh, warm, gooey, chewy, slightly undercooked and yet with a very slight crunch on the outside), they transport me to this glorious happy place of sugar highs and wonder.
Naughty yummy treat: Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookie.
Price: Approximately £1.30-£1.50 each (sold by weight).
Portion size: Big.
Sickliness: None.
Moistness: Fairly good.
Rating: 4.75/5
Notes: It’s probably worth noting that as a super fan of Ben’s Cookies, they would get a 5. However, due to teensiest overcooking of this specific one (see, I just can’t help it), I had to knock 0.25 of a point off. It’s still great though.
This Milk Chocolate Cookie is a glorious being. Ben’s Cookies have truly mastered the perfect cookie balance of taste and texture that no one else can match. They just taste so damn delicious. The Milk Chocolate flavour is my favourite from their menu and it is absolutely the best cookie I have ever tasted. Inside, the chocolate chunks are melted slightly and are a dream to devour, and the gooey chewy dough is utter heaven.
If you’re ever in London (or near any of their other stores – they’ve begun their global domination), you must treat yourself to a Ben’s Cookie. It’s the best advice I could ever give anyone. Life truly is that good with an excellent cookie.
K x
[Cookie word count: 22. Boom.]

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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