#fatfriday review / Viennese Whirl @ Hobb’s House Bakery

The amount of traveling I have done recently makes me wince slightly. The combination of the air, car and walking miles means I’m now definitely more than ready to return to my hermit spot and not move for a solid 24 hours. I’ve even missed meals (which is basically a crime to my stomach) so I knew that today I would feel no guilt whilst demolishing my #fatfriday. Shockingly, it’s my first trip to Hobb’s House even though this is my third time back in the Cotswolds since I hopped over to England. It’s really not acceptable. I’ve been craving anything from Hobb’s since I stepped off my flight – there’s just something so reliably satisfying about buying a naughty yummy treat there, and I’ve never been let down by their daily display of sugared goods.
Naughty yummy treat: Viennese Whirl.
Price: £2.20 (takeout).
Portion size: Beastly.
Sickliness: It would become sickly if I ate more than one.
Moistness: None.
Rating: 5/5
Notes: Crikey, this is seriously one of the best biscuits in the land. It is light, crisp and crumbly, and simply melts in my mouth. It's ridiculously good. There’s a richness of the butter in the biscuit but not in a way that becomes overpowering, and the buttercream and jam sandwiched in the middle is just so incredibly scrumptious. It’s very much an airy and more intense biscuit version of the great Victoria sponge, just more delicate and utterly divine. I’ve never had a viennese whirl before Hobb’s, and I do doubt anyone could possibly do it better… I know that Mr. Kipling do a pack, but now the benchmark has been set I’m worried for a lifetime of viennese whirl disappointment (if Mr. Kipling’s are worthy, please let me know as I would happily pack my suitcase back home full of these delights). Bravo Hobb’s, bravo.
K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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