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A couple of days ago a friend sent me a screenshot of this site she stumbled across that she thought I’d love called Wantfeed, which is essentially a place to store everything and anything you want to buy online in one place. And it’s as easy as that. I’m definitely a tad behind as it has been around for over a year, but I already think it’s pretty awesome and I’m not usually bothered with the faff of yet another site or app.
If you’re like me, you probably don’t buy something as soon as you see it. I take a while to consider its worth and justify investing money into the purchase (no matter how much I might tell myself I need it at the time) and note down my wants in hopeful emails, lost screenshots and random documents. I’ve used the saved items tabs in different stores, and have also attempted at using Pinterest and Polyvore to remember for me, but it just never really works. I forget to check back and when I do, the items are long gone and I have no idea what it was I *needed* to buy. The only wish list I successfully check back on is my ASOS one, which is great, but it kind of sucks for all the other stores I want things from and I certainly don’t like to feel inclined to purchase from just one store (this probably also explains why ASOS receive the most orders out of all the places I shop).
What I think works well with Wantfeed is that not only can I collect all the things I want from *any* corner of the internet in one place, I can then categorise them (e.g. birthday, Christmas, “out of the blue” I appreciate you gift) so it is easy for other people to pick from these wish lists too. It’s a shopping list where I’m able to keep a record of products I find, that is clearly about these potential purchases without being limited to certain categories. Hypothetically, I could have a mug from Qtique (obviously), a dog toy for Lottie from Amazon, a sofa from Sofa.com, a Nutribullet from John Lewis, a print from Etsy, jeans from Topshop and boots from ASOS all in one place and it wouldn’t look weird. It’s like creating wedding registry but for your entire life without being limited to one store. This kind of organisation makes me giddy with delight.
The user interface is simple and easy to use without being ugly, and with the clear and basic product shots, it actually feels as if I am window-shopping without the faff and less like I am flicking through a magazine and trying to figure out actually what is it specifically that I wanted to buy. I’d also feel fairly confident that if for example, I sent my Ma my profile link to have a look at my ready made lists, she wouldn’t get lost and give up on the very important gift buying mission. I even think that if I set up a “things I currently like” group, the chap would be eternally grateful for never having to delve through his emails ever again in an attempt to keep on top of the random and ever changing list I store in my head.
What’s also great is the social side of the platform. Finding things worthy of your pennies is tiresome, there are so many crappy products out there that it can get tedious trawling through endless stores and not finding anything you truly like. With Wantfeed, you’re able to discover what’s popular and what’s trending, then easily add those things into your list too. You can get inspired and interact with products by seeing what’s popular, what’s trending and what other people are wanting (there’s something weirdly intriguing about snooping over people’s edits). On the app it kind of feels like the product version of Tinder where random products that other wanters have saved pop up, and you can swipe left for no and yes for like. I honestly didn’t know one swipe/tap/click judging could be so addictive.
Granted, there are quite a few wish list platforms out there, but what I really like about Wantfeed is that it saves the things I believe I really need in my life in a really simple, aesthetically pleasing clear way. I’m able to use both the app on my phone and also on the desktop site (which pleases me greatly), and it’s easy to add a product in by either pasting the URL or clicking the +WANT button in my browser. I’m genuinely looking forward to coming up with requested wish lists that would actually be used by both myself (selfish purchasing) and loved ones (for life events). I’m a super picky person and one of those “impossible to buy for” folk that irritates the well wishers of the world, so being able to be super clear about what things I like makes it easier for both giver and receiver of the wanted gift. I actually feel 10 times more productive just thinking about the prospect.
There are a couple of minor little bugs that I came across, but on the whole, Wantfeed is a really nifty site. Oh, and they’re London based which is splendid. I’ve just started mine, which although right now mainly consists of my mugs, you can have a peek over here. And if you happen to be on Wantfeed too, holla at me!
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Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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