The Story of Muggsie

Muggsie is my mug child. He is a cute and loveable mug that’s very expressive with how he feels everyday. Sometimes he is super happy and full of joyous words of encouragement, and sometimes he really is not impressed with the world. Muggsie has been rising in the ranks of the mug celebrity world recently, so I thought I’d share the story of how he was created.
I am a true believer that a mug should reflect something about the person who is drinking from it in some small way. After designing the Alphabetty range (which was my first solution in creating my own special mug), I was trying to think of new ways in which I could reflect someone in the most personal item we use in the kitchen. With Alphabetty, you simply pick your initial and you have a mug that is unmistakeably all yours. However, once my K mug went into the dishwasher, I was left with mugs that were not truly mine. They didn't want me to use them and I didn't want to use them. And I certainly didn’t want to start duplicating my favourite K mug, as that one mug is most special to me (so special in fact that if you are caught using one’s beloved Alphabetty mug, one loses her marbles).
I started to think about how we express ourselves everyday. Generally, day-to-day to the outside world – no matter how we are feeling – we *try* to be happy and neutral. When we’re not able to confide face to face with our loved ones, we turn to messaging them, where our true emotion filled personas are released through the power of our keyboards with letters, emojis and emoticons [note: emojis are the small colourful digital images and icons, and emoticons are the combinations of keyboard characters that represent faces]. Emojis are great because in even just one character, we are able to describe how we feel and sometimes sending an emoji or emoticon is quicker to say and easier than typing a response. So seeing that I’d already covered the alphabet, I thought I’d bring to mug life the little faces I used to communicate with everyday too.
Muggsie’s jolly face is something I have been drawing for what seems like forever. I have always been obsessed with kawaii and generally cute stuff, going through some serious collecting stages with Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Moomins and most recently Molang. Muggsie’s face was my own little version of kawaii that I never thought too much about, I’d draw his different emotions on anything that looked like it was bursting to release its inner personality – namely on the fruit in my Ma’s fruit bowl (I’ve also been known to leave said fruit in her handbag, she loves nothing more than finding an angry banana in there). So when I was thinking of how to bring my mugs to life with personality, I got my trusty Sharpie out and drew all my daily feelings on my pile of old sample mugs.
I edited down my favourite 16 personalities and got to work getting the artwork and putting together Muggsies accompanying thoughts. I tested them with fellow humans and what was so exciting is that everyone had different collections of favourites that represented them. One wonderfully grouchy person liked Grumpy Muggsie, Angry Muggsie, Unimpressed Muggsie and Hungry Muggsie (the grouchiness possibly stems from the hunger). A more joyous person picked Super Happy Muggsie, Giggly Muggsie, In Love Muggsie and Sleepy Muggsie (all that excitement had to dip at some point). Another chose Umimpressed Muggsie and Hungry Muggsie for work, then Jolly Muggsie and Sad Muggsie for home (so they could tell others how they were feeling without having to open their mouth). No combination of emotions ended up the same, exactly how all of us are individual in our own way.
Since releasing Muggsie into the world, I found that what people love about using Muggsie is that their mug speaks for them (plus he is pretty darn cute). By having a selection of different emotions to choose from, you’re able to reflect how you feel at that time with just a mug. For me, once the kettle is boiling and if an emotion is riding pretty high, I’ll look at all my darling little Muggsie’s sitting there and pick whichever is mirroring my thoughts. Even when the chap makes me my morning weekend cuppa, he’ll ask which Muggsie I want, and just through that choice he knows whether I am feeling good or whether I need an additional spoonful of sugar to help give me a leg up for the rest of the day.
Without getting too deep, Muggsie totally understands you and is your right hand man – the Robin to your Batman, the Gromit to your Wallace, the Donkey to your Shrek (etc etc). Muggsie is your emotions personified/mugified. He probably won’t save your day, but he pretty much guarantees to put even the faintest smile on your face, and isn’t that what having a cuppa is all about? Enjoying the day for just a moment and just being a smidgen in touch with how you’re feeling? Make your mug all about you :)
I’m very thankful for all the love Muggsie has been receiving, he has been growing quite the little diva-esque ego since being featured on Craftsposure and Buzzfeed. It’s been wonderful to have little Muggsie’s flying off to new homes around the world!
Right now, we have 8 Muggsie’s available to buy – Jolly Muggsie, Angry Muggsie, Cute Muggsie, Giggly Muggsie, Hungry Muggsie, In Love Muggsie, Sad Muggsie and Sleepy Muggsie. There are also 8 more Muggsie’s that will be released soon too, including a Dapper Muggsie, a Fab Teeth Muggsie, a Flirty Muggsie, a Grumpy Muggsie, a Mischievous Muggsie, a Shocked Muggsie, an Unimpressed Muggsie and a Super Happy Muggsie. Yippee!
K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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