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The chap has just had some of his out of town American pals visit who kind of shamed us with their Boston agenda. In the space of 3 days, they managed to see more of our new city than we have done since arriving here nearly 3 months ago. They did all the classic tourist stuff and the only thing I think we have done that is touristy is visit Victoria’s Secret. And trust me, all the classic tourist stuff sounded like it was much more fun. We are such terrible, uncultured humans. So through their expert knowledge of Boston, we learned that North Boston is actually really very close to us and is full of stuff to do – namely Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Little Italy. This was a pretty exciting discovery as near Faneuil Hall there is a huge proper food market with vegetables at a fraction of the painful price we have been paying at Whole Foods (and it’s also closer), and also Little Italy has some seriously good authentic Italian eats to be done.
I *love* Italian food, like over the top love it. My favourite savoury food (even ahead of a smashing burger) teeters between lasagna, risotto and ravioli. My memories of eating the best of these remain firmly in my daydreams and I enjoy nothing more than finding somewhere that does any of these really well. After some comprehensive Yelping and Tripadvisoring, I have found some seemingly justifiable popular Italian eats that apparently must be done. Firstly is a queue-around-the-block Italian restaurant we are going to tomorrow for my birthday, and secondly is Mike’s Pastry. So whilst waiting for my celebratory Italian carbicide, I thought there is no better way to bring in Katrina-eve than with Italian (likely Sicilian) sugar and fat.
Naughty yummy treat: Chocolate Mousse Cannoli.
Price: $3.50.
Portion size: Pretty big.
Sickliness: One is more than enough.
Moistness: All good.
Rating: 4/5
Notes: I have never eaten a cannoli before and was a little sceptical of it, but seeing as this is what Mike’s Pastry is famed for, it seemed a bit odd to go there and not order one. Also, with the hoards of people getting their own in every flavour imaginable, and under this intensely stressful situation of what to pick, I was a sheep and ordered one too.
A cannoli is a crunchy pastry tube filled with ricotta cream, with open ends that are sometimes dipped in something yummy (it’s kind of like a profiterole version of cannelloni). I’ve probably said before that I am but funny about sweet cheesy desserts, and although I really should have gotten the Chocolate Ricotta Cannoli as it is a classic, I got cheese fear and ordered the Chocolate Mousse Cannoli.
So this cannoli is obviously delicious. It is big, moist and semi-rich. The chocolate mousse is surprisingly light in the middle, with the crispy pastry edge and chocolate chips giving me something to chew on. It’s entirely messy to eat, which obviously is not Mike’s fault as I’m sure all cannolis are like this. I did read that some people have to share theirs, but I somehow managed to eat the entire thing and even licked the paper. It’s definitely worth the trip to see and be part of the hype.
I will be going back very soon as there is a huge array of other ignored sweet goodies. One slightly shy Fudge Brownie caught my eye that I can’t stop thinking about when I’m going to get my hands on it.
K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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