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My little brother has been visiting the past week from London and young Lottie has been deliriously happy. Lottie thinks my brother is the best human ever – even better than dogfather or me. They are BFF’s and have some strange connection that allows them both to be oddballs and Lottie just can’t get enough of it. So apart from fulfilling Lottie’s dreams of being reunited with her uncle again, we also took the chance of having the world’s largest metabolism staying with us to eat our way through Boston in a week.
I’ve mentioned before that my brother is a rower, which basically means he has a bottomless stomach that needs to be fed every two hours. Unfortunately, my metabolism is not quite as speedy as his, so trying to keep up with him this week has done some serious damage to my recently reformed healthy eating. I made sure that whilst he was with us he got to eat all our new favourite Boston foods, including: pizza at Babbo, burgers at jm Curley, lobster mac and cheese at Mmmac and Cheese, more brownies from Mike’s Pastry, takeout from Regina Pizzeria, all you can you sushi at Empire, burgers again at Lincoln Tavern, grilled sandwiches and every cake on offer from Flour Bakery, lobsters rolls and buckets of shrimp at Barking Crab… I dread to see the credit card bill at the end of this month. And the scales, oh my.
On our journey back from Newbury Street after non-food related travels, we walked through the food trucks outside South Station and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to try out Cookie Monstah at last. Neither of us were feeling like tackling the Wicked Good Ice Cream Sandwiches, so opted for a cookie each instead.
Naughty yummy treat: Oreo Stuffed Cookie and Salted Caramel Cookie.
Price: $3.00 and $2.00.
Portion size: Oreo Stuffed was a nice size, Salted Caramel was smallish.
Sickliness: Super sweet.
Moistness: Not particularly moist.
Rating: 3.5/5
Notes: As this a double review for two different cookies, I’ve given an average score that both my brother and I agreed on. The Oreo Stuffed Cookie gets a 4/5 – it is super yummy with also soft Oreo chunks throughout, and the combination of cookie and Oreo together is just truly scrumptious. It’s big, soft and totally satisfying, and totally worth a purchase.
I’ve previously made my stance on how I like a cookie should be (Sainsbury's and Ben's Cookies are the cookie gods), and I guess in the U.S. I just need to accept that I will have to get my undercooked cookie goodness back in England. We gave the Salted Caramel Cookie a 3/5 as it is really quite hard and chewy, the edges are crunchy and it is kind of like chewing toffee cookie rather than delightful chunks of soft caramel. The salt on top is a nice contrast to the sugariness of the cookie but for us it just didn’t shine, especially against the Oreo Stuffed. Perhaps if it had been baked for less time we would have enjoyed it a whole lot more. It just was more of a smaller biscuit in our opinion, but I guess that cookies *are* biscuits over here and cookie dough slodge is something we do really well back home.
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Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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