#fatfriday review / Blueberry Scone @ Sorelle Bakery & Café

Scones back home are my favourite cold weather activity. There’s nothing I enjoy more than strolling through chilly London and settling in the warmth with a scone and pot of tea. The weather has taken quite the drastic turn here in Boston, overnight it went from sunbathing sunny to layer-up-or-die. We live by the sea and seem to be positioned directly in the middle of a wind tunnel. It’s beyond brutal. The coldness has barely even started apparently, but I’m already wearing two of my non-practical (but fabulous) coats at once and have tripled my daily tea consumption. Lottie has been working really hard on growing her fro so she has a permanent wooly hat on, and I’ve been instructed by fellow dog neighbours that I must buy her winter booties as they put so much salt down once it starts to get icy that it’s a necessary to protect her little paws.
I popped out to do a bit of practical winter shopping, and gave up within a few hours after being thoroughly unimpressed by the thoroughly unimpressive choices for people who need guaranteed warmth. Massive grumble. Then my Uber app stopped working and I faced walking home in the wind and rain, and on my miserable travels back I saw a selection of scones shining at me like nuggets of hope through the window in Sorelle. Every cloud and all.
Naughty yummy treat: Blueberry Scone.
Price: $2.68.
Portion size: Extra-large.
Sickliness: None, I could have even added some jam once the icing had run out. Ok, fine, I did add some jam.
Moistness: On point for a scone.
Rating: 4/5
Notes: It is definitely is part-traditional scone, but the icing makes it taste like a really stodgy muffin or something. The scone dough part is not sweet at all, kind of like piecrust or something, which as a pie lover I am really quite into. Obviously this scone isn’t holding a butter-and-jam kinda party, with the blueberries and icing give it that additional moistness. Overall it is most enjoyable, not what I expect from scone-time, but nonetheless tasty.
What I like about eating traditional scones is the slow process of cutting it half, spreading butter and jam on and taking my time to eat it whilst sipping my tea. The only problem with this scone is, although nice, it is *huge*. Just so so large and not suitable for one sitting. Without my grazing ritual of gradually tearing bits off and slowly piling on the extras, it’s just too much to eat in one go. I did however save some of the plain scone and may have perhaps got the jam and butter out to finish off. My belly is quite pleased for getting double the fun with this unexpected 2 in 1 scone!
K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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