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I am slightly concerned at how quickly we have already lost half of October, just how did that happen?! As autumn truly sets in, the more I am choosing to embrace my full winter hermit self. The bobble hats are at the ready, my uniform is back to knitwear, and I’ve decided it’s best to hide under my blanket (where snacks and cups of tea are passed to me). It’s truly blissful. I am having to work *really* hard to not allow my other winter hermit behaviour of creating even more fat reserves to take full hold. Similarly to summertime, all I want to do is eat, and after taking a bit of a liking to our local Dunkin’, doughnuts are playing far too much of a role in my life at the moment. In a bid to be thoughtful, I wanted today’s #fatfriday to lessen my portion load by sharing with others.
Naughty yummy treat: Doughnut Muffins.
Price: $6.50 for a box of dozen.
Portion size: Bite sized, so technically teeny.
Sickliness: Super sweet.
Moistness: Surprisingly fresh.
Rating: 5/5
Notes: With no shame, two of us demolished these within half an hour (the third intended eater was busy and returned back to an empty box). One bite definitely is not enough. When I was in The Bee’s Knees, I was slightly sceptical (as always) about investing into these naughty yummy treats as I were well aware that they had not been made fresh on the day (nor did they claim to be). A doughnut only tastes great if it has been made within a few hours, but because these are a hybrid with a muffin, I took a gamble. And omg, what a winner.
These Doughnut Muffins are excellent, dense, moreish, surprisingly light and easy to eat in very quick succession. We could eat them all day. The dough has a strong nutmeg flavour to it, which tastes amazing with all the yummy sugar sitting on the outside. As with all my #fatfridays recently, they tasted perfect with a cuppa and managed to successfully put a smile on two of the most miserable people.
K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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