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I’m flying back to the UK on Sunday so I knew I had to try me some pumpkin pie before returning. I at least need to be able to pretend I embraced Halloween properly when asked - we missed our building’s Halloween puppy party yesterday and have zero spooky plans. We really have accidently become so incredibly boring (but we totally love it and bask in the judgement). We have however embraced Halloween eating and have been maxing out the holiday green card for acceptable and enforced sugar overdosing. In a further bid to be cultural, and with Flour Bakery sporting the most impressive slice of pumpkin pie I have seen so far, I armed myself with a cuppa to try the American delicacy.
Naughty yummy treat: Pumpkin Pie.
From: Flour Bakery.
Price: $4.01.
Portion size: A hefty slice.
Sickliness: Some.
Moistness: Very.
Rating: I am completely undecided.
Notes: After my super sweet pumpkin bread last week, it turns out the pie version is far more in line with my original expectation of having a pumpkin soup vibe to it. Firstly, I cannot fully work out if it is sweet or savoury, which may sound ridiculous, but I’ve even Googled it to check and I am still not entirely sure. The filling is basically pureed pumpkin, which very much has the same texture as crème caramel or baby food. The pie crust is not particularly thick either, it has more of a tart vibe going on and I think where the confusion lies is within the fact it isn’t really a pie (by traditional understanding), yet more of a flan. It’s also quite large, there’s a *lot* of puree packed in there and I thought it would have been more enjoyable to eat if something had accompanied it. Like as part of a roast dinner, but with the main and not for pudding.
Whilst I continue to deliberate, I think it’s best I carry on consuming all the pumpkin breads and cakes. I’m not sure how satisfying it is to eat a naughty yummy treat that doesn’t taste particularly naughty, I’d happily consume it as I would a soup (although I am sure it isn’t so forgiving with the calories), but I need that extreme hit of sugar to feel like I have achieved the levels of giddy wonder I am after.
K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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