#fatfriday review / Doughnuts @ Verna’s Coffee & Donut Shop

With the additional job I have bringing me into the office everyday, my expeditions to places far and wide on a Friday (of the walkable radiance of our apartment) are long gone. Thankfully, I work with a fellow food eater/worshiper who knows all about where the good stuff is in Boston, and more importantly, where the good stuff is beyond where I am motivated to venture to. What’s really quite is exciting is that today’s #fatfriday did not even require me from moving from my desk, my very kind co-worker picked them up on his way to work in Cambridge and delivered them to me in a paper bag all ready for me to gobble up. No more unnecessary moving to eat all the food for me anymore.
Naughty yummy treat: Honey Glazed Doughnut, Chocolate Honey Dipped Doughnut and Butter Crunch Doughnut.
Price: $1.
Portion size: Good.
Sickliness: None at all, I could have eaten 12 and not felt ill.
Moistness: Wonderfully so.
Rating: 5/5
Notes: Gosh, these are really some mighty doughnuts. They combine the luxury of taste you would expect with a gourmet doughnut (kind of like Kane’s, but better), with the very friendly price of a Dunkin’. I previously thought it was *very* exciting that I could buy a mass produced donut for a dollar at DD, but now I can buy a real damn tasty donut for a dollar. Holla.
These doughnuts are fresh (and not just kinda fresh – they have 100% been baked today), which makes them super light and fluffy and a complete joy to eat. The glaze on the outside is a proper glaze that actually crunches when you bite into it. There’s none of that dry, stale texture with hints of soggy sugar that a declining doughnut poisons your mouth with. The Honey Glazed Doughnut is the lightest of the 3, it’s very much a classic glazed doughnut and it is just so yummy. The Chocolate Honey Dipped Doughnut is super chocolately, it’s quite rich actually, with a much denser cakier texture. The Butter Crunch Doughnut is the King though, he really is quite a beast and is definitely my favourite. It’s super thick and dense but oddly not stodgy, very much like the texture of the chocolate one. My taste buds are probably (likely) misleading me, but I am quite sure there’s a hint of nutmeg going on (and oh my do I love nutmeg). Then to top it all off, the whole thing is covered in a crumble of added naughtiness. Delish.
K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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