#fatfriday review / Cinnamon and Raspberry Kouign Amann @ Au Bon Pain

I have been walking past a sandwich board displaying these mystical pastries for weeks now, and after Flour Bakery didn’t have one of my new favourite pickings ready to purchase (I shall review soon), I decided to give these French golden nuggets a try. Also, there are no festive naughty yummy treats anywhere! What is going on?! This is America, the real land of Christmas! *Grumble*
I’d never heard of a kouign amann before (pronounced queen-ah-mahn), but it’s actually a very traditional pastry that has been doing the rounds for over 150 years. They look very much like some kind of croissant ball and certainly look perfect to accompany my cuppa. 
Naughty yummy treat: A Cinnamon Kouign Amann and a Raspberry Kouign Amann.
From: Au Bon Pain.
Price: $5 for 2.
Portion size: Medium.
Sickliness: None.
Moistness: Not overly moist, but I presume it isn’t supposed to be.
Rating: 4/5
Notes: The best description of these is that they are the love child of a very sophisticated doughnut and a rotund croissant. It’s a hollow ball of buttery pastry, which has a caramelised crisp outside and yummy sweet filling inside. It’s very light, and the greedy sugar monster inside of me could have happily had 15x more filling inside, but it is really is very pleasant little pastry. I’m not entirely sure if it is actually supposed to be hollow, in fact, the more I Google the more I can see that perhaps it isn’t the world’s most perfectly made kouign amann. Regardless, I am quite excited to have tried my first cinnamon French pastry, and apparently there are quite a few bakeries in Boston that have mastered it and I will most definitely be trying them all.
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Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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