Hello. We make mugs. Lovely personal mugs. We make what we love. We love what we do.

It all started with drinking our daily cup of tea and not being entirely satisfied with the mug that it was put in. Common mug predicaments included: a lovely printed design but the mug was a little small, a good-sized handle but the mug was a little ugly to look at, an ideal capacity but the mug was just too thick and clunky... we have a cupboard full of these poor part-loved mugs. We realised that we didn't have a favourite mug, one we genuinely treasured and wanted to keep forever. And so, the quest for the perfect mug began and Qtique was born. 

Qtique mugs represent a proud heritage of quality and traditional English craftsmanship. Each mug is expertly made for you to love and use everyday, they are built to last a lifetime. We are a family run business working closely with potteries in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. These potteries specialise in the manufacture of high quality ceramic goods, using the old traditional methods by hand (Stoke-on-Trent has been the world capital of ceramics and pottery making since the 17th century). Our premium mugs are hand cast in the finest quality English Creamware (a cream coloured refined earthenware clay that is a quintessential Staffordshire product), and we use ceramic silk screen printing for our artwork. We design everything in our studios in London and the Cotswolds, and are most proud that our mugs are made in England by skilled artisans potters. We are committed to supporting and preserving true British manufacturing so we can help grow and maintain the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship and honest quality.

Everything we make has to be original, practical, durable and beautiful for life. Our hardwearing mugs are suitable for anyone who wants to sip their hot drink in their own special personal mug – ladies, gentlemen, children, left-handers, right-handers, large-handed folk, clumsy folk, thirsty folk, all kinds of folk really… You could also use them for sorting your toothbrushes in the bathroom or for your pens or make-up brushes on your desk. You could even pop a plant in it if you fancy or spell out your favourite word - who knew a mug could be so versatile?! They are the perfect gifts for birthdays, weddings and Christmas and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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Qtique was founded by Katrina Wrixen (née Ives), a graduate from London College of Fashion who accidentally realised after completing her fashiony degree and working fashiony jobs (and even writing a fashiony blog) that she actually felt very passionately about pottery. She stopped buying clothes and shoes and started buying plates and bowls (no joke), it was a worrying time for all. With the pottery obsession at its peak and struggling to find the perfect mug to add to her newly expanding pottery collection, Katrina decided to make it herself. Then other people wanted that mug too, so she made a few more and... voilà! Qtique was born!

You can find what Katrina (and Lottie the pup) are up to over on our blog and social media accounts.

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